National Colloquium on Mass Spectrometry, Chemical, Biological and Environmental applications, Aug. 29- 31, 2014, Kottayam

IUIC and Srinivasa Ramanujan Institute for Basic Sciences (SRIBS), Pampadi have jointly organized a 3 day National colloquium/workshop on ‘Mass Spectrometry: Fundamentals, Biological and Environmental Applications’ on August 29- 31, 2014. Shri. M. Rajan Panicker, IAAS, Special officer, SIRBS has inaugurated the workshop on 29 August 2014. The aim of the colloquium was to introduce fundamental aspects, instrumentation, recent developments and applications of MS in proteiomics, metabolomics and analysis of pesticides or environmental samples. The colloquium was designed to share developments in the field with young students and researchers in the field of Life Sciences/ environmental/chemistry. Dr. K. P. Madhusudanan (Visiting Scientist, IUIC, MGU), Dr S.K. Raza (Institute of Pesticide Formulation Technology, Gurgaon), Dr. M.V. Jagannadham (Senior Scientist, CSIR- CCMB, Hyderabad), Dr. Abdul Jaleel K. A (Scientist E-II and Senior Consultant (Proteomic Facility), RGCB, TVM), Dr. Thomas Biju Mathew (Professor, (Agricultural Entomology) AINP on pesticide residues NARP (SR), College of Agriculture, Vellayani, Thiruvananthapuram), Dr. Prabhakar Sripadi (Scientist, Indian Institute of Chemical Technology, Hyderabad) and Prof. Ramaswamy Babu Rajendran, (Bharathidasan University, Tiruchirappalli) were delivered lectures on various topics of fundamentals and applications of mass spectrometry, proteomics and metabolomics. About 90 delegates with participated in this program. Dr C. Arunan, Program co-ordinator, SRIBS and Prof. C.T. Aravindakumar, Hon. Director, IUIC were the convenor and course coordinator of the program.

Dr. Sripadi Prabhakar delivering lecture during National Colloquium on Mass Spectrometry

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